Who we are, what we do

What is ESCO?

An ENERGY SERVICE COMPANY (acronym ESCO) is a professional service organization offering a large range of energy solutions whose main purpose is to obtain energy savings. The savings obtained, expressed in costs with the energy bill, are used to reimburse the investments. The essence of an energy efficiency type of service consists in adopting the solution that will lead to energy savings and cost savings for the client, and in taking the responsibility for obtaining the energy savings established by ESCO.

Who are we?

Energo ESCO is a professional energy service company offering a large range of energy solutions whose main purpose is to obtain energy savings.
Technologies used:
- Natural gas CHP / CCHP plants
- Indoor, outdoor and street lighting using innovative technologies (LED, iodine)
- Variable speed drives

Energy efficiency through Energo Esco

Energo ESCO was created as a response to the request of the large public or private energy consumers interested in sustainable development and searching to retrofit and increase the efficiency of their energy installations in order to reduce energy-related costs.

Energo ESCO ensures the financing and implementation of energy efficiency (EE) projects by recovering the investments from the energy savings achieved over a certain period of time.
Branches of activity

Energo ESCO offers solutions, services and products covering any energy or electric work or project: entrepreneurship for complex wiring works, operation of power plants, design and specialized engineering services, production of medium and low voltage equipment, indoor and outdoor lighting solutions and devices, energy audit, consulting in energy efficiency programs and renewable energies.


NOVIS PLAZA, Block A, 3-rd floor
Taietura Turcului 47, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Email: office@energoesco.ro
Tel: +40 799 402 629

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