The main benefits of an EnergoEsco project

- Approach tailored to project’s characteristics
- Global energy offer
- Unique interlocutor
- Partial or full funding of the investment
- Guaranteeing results through energy performance contracts
- The possibility of externalizing project activities
- Reducing energy consumption, reducing energy costs
- Reducing environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions

CPE Energy Performance Contract

EnergoEsco offers integrated solutions as a PERFORMANCE CONTRACT. In this contract, our company takes over the client's facilities, facilities requiring upgrading, including their energy costs, securing their revenue and recovering their investment from the performance of their savings. Any project designed and implemented, according to initial estimates, will achieve a decrease in energy consumption and, implicitly, energy costs.

Innovative concepts such as Energy Services Companies (ESCO), Energy Performance Contracts (CPE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) promoted constantly by EnergoESCO Group on energy market, brought us closer to our customers and allowed us developing, producing and delivering the necessary energy efficiency components: innovative technology, customized solutions, competitive products and services.


Types of ESCO projects

Public lighting

The era of over-use of public lighting, viewed only from the point of view of its functionality, has been replaced by the era of lighting development as a tool that values ​​the place and responds to essential needs: the need for safety, the need for coexistence, the need for aesthetic integration, the need for identity.

Today, for responding to these requirements, public lighting must be perfectly suited to the requirements of an era conscious of the importance of energy, energy efficiency and the environment.

Integration of the latest technological developments, and LED technology, confirm the full commitment to a responsible commitment to the environment.

Developing the project

- Designing and bringing lighting systems to European standards
- Optimizing the quality of public street lighting
- Using new technologies
- Implementation of the project accordingly to the Beneficiary's annual operating budget
- Reduce electricity consumption
- Outsourcing street public lighting
- Optimizing maintenance through corrective and preventive actions
- Control, monitoring and efficient control of each light point through telegraphy systems
- Optimizing the continuity of the public street lighting service (maintenance of lighting equipment)
- Guaranteeing results through the Performance Contract

Cogeneration stations

Cogeneration consist in simultaneous production of heat and electricity using the same primary or renewable source of energy in the same production station, which ensures a superior performance to traditional technologies. A cogeneration station is dimensioned accordingly to the demand for heat and not depending on the demand for electricity. Using this principle, cogeneration offers more efficiency than the separate production of thermal energy and electricity and achieves two goals: greater overall energy efficiency and increased environmental protection.

Phases of the project

- Analysis, design and measurement of the installation
- Optimize plant operation by integrating modern equipment
- Integrated production of electricity, heating and / or cooling agents
- Correct sizing of cogeneration plants lead to significant energy savings and cutting costs
- Diminishing global energy consumption
- Managing the sale price of electricity and heat
- Improving overall performance by ensuring optimal plant management
- Guarantees for users with an appropriate level of thermal agent and associated services
- Provides flexibility in fuel supply
- Create favourable conditions for efficient management of local fuels produced by industry in the region or available in the region, with respect to the environment

Energy-efficient buildings

Energy efficiency in this case can be a complex process, requiring solutions to a wide range of utilities: electricity (for lighting or electrical networks), different forms of heat and cooling. Simply selecting advanced equipment is not a guarantee for saving. It is necessary to implement an integrated energy management system that considers the consumption needs for any analyzed moment.


Phases of the project

    · Analysis of industrial processes and spaces’ function
    · Audit and balance sheet
    · Solutions tailored to the specifics of each activity energy management of buildings
    · Increasing the efficiency of outdoor and indoor lighting
    · Integration of modern equipment and facilities for utilities
    · Adapting utilities to the real needs of each space
    · Optimizing the energy chain management through cogeneration or trigeneration plants - reducing operating costs
    · Optimizing equipment maintenance
    · Optimizing continuity in operation
    · Delegated management of utility maintenance (optional)

Efficient electrical distribution networks

EnergoESCO's electrical efficiency services are primarily aimed at companies with high, medium and low voltage internal distribution networks. The main objective of implementing such a project is to reduce the company’s technological consumption and, implicitly, to reduce operating costs.

Energy-efficient equipment used in the design of power stations and networks, accordingly to latest technologies (eg low-loss transformers), monitoring and telematics systems provide the best solutions, generating substantial savings calculating the lifetime of these facilities.

Energy savings are a general desideratum of the current economic environment. EnergoESCO implements energy efficiency projects by fulfilling this objective, assuming its full financial and operational effort.


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