Retrofitting the public street lighting


Energo ESCO SA, since its creation, retrofitted the public street lighting system of over 50 municipalities in Romania.

Project details:
• 5 to 10-year ESCO financing;
• Consumption reduction of 40% to 60% depending on the characteristics of the existing lighting system;
• Increase in lighting quality and illuminance and restoring the lighting system to quality standards.

Works of reference: 

Turda Municipality – Cluj County; Cășeiu Community – Cluj County; Covăsînț – Arad County; Crasna – Sălaj County; Cristian – Sibiu County; Dorobanți – Arad County; Gogoșu – Mehedinți County; Rogova – Mehedinți County; Valea Viilor – Sibiu County; Zimandul Nou – Arad County; Vlădaia – Mehedinți County; Devesel – Mehedinți County; Dumitra – Bistrița Năsăud County; Obârșia Cloșani – Mehedinți County; Valea Lungă – Alba County; Breaza – Mureș County; Dumbrava – Mehedinți County; Moșna – Sibiu County; Raciu – Mureș County; Chirpăr – Sibiu County; Poiana Sibiului – Sibiu County; Pogăceaua – Mureș County; Câlnic – Alba County; Bala – Mehedinți County; Recea – Brașov County; Valea Largă – Mureș County, etc.



NOVIS PLAZA, Block A, 3-rd floor
Taietura Turcului 47, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel: +40 799 402 629

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